Invisalign Braces for Teens by Philadelphia Orthodontists

Will your teen wear Invisalign trays well enough to obtain a successful treatment result? The reasons teens cooperate so well are related in the following videos:

The following questions and answers may help you decide if Invisalign is right for you or your child:

Studies have shown that adolescents actually cooperate as well or better than adults! Given the alternative of wearing braces and, honestly, the “cool” factor adolescents associate with being an Invisalign patient, we find cooperation to not be a problem.

No, hygiene will actually improve with wear of Invisalign trays. Conventional braces do, however, compound the hygiene problem and can lead to enamel decalcification.

In our opinion, no they are not. Early treatments (patients ages 7-11) are best managed with conventional Phase I orthodontic therapy (metal or clear braces). Also, we prefer treating young teenagers (those who have not lost all of their primary teeth) with conventional braces. Teenagers who need to wear extra-oral headgear during treatment are also better treated with conventional braces.

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