Smile Gallery


Angela was treated with a combination of conventional orthodontics with clear ceramic brackets, orthognathic surgery, and Invisalign. The multi-disciplinary treatment resulted in a more balanced and symmetric facial appearance and … Read more


Adult patients can transform their smiles with Invisalign or conventional braces. Dorotta needed braces and Invisalign to achieve a remarkable improvement in dental health and facial appearance.


Alonso had 24 months of non-extraction orthodontic treatment utilizing the Herbst appliance and braces. He was an excellent, highly motivated patient. The Herbst appliance eliminated the severe protrusion of the … Read more


Michael had conventional clear braces and Invisalign touch-up treatments. He is so compliant with elastic and tray wear. The result illustrates the improvement in dental function and facial esthetics.


Amaris had a two-phase orthodontic treatment. The before and after photos speak for themselves.


Marcia had 8 months of Invisalign, including an at-home Zoom tooth whitening that we provide with every Invisalign treatment.